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We offer top-notch mixing and mastering services for bands and solo artists seeking a professional finish to their demos, singles, mixtapes and albums. We have access to professional recording studios with excellent studio monitoring, high-quality mixing desks, a wide range of high-quality preamps and a massive collection of vst plugins to bring your songs to industry-standard.

What Is Mixing?

  • To put it in a simple term, mixing is the stage after recording where you blend individual tracks together. Mixing is the process where an engineer carves and balances separate tracks in a project to sound good when played together.

What Is Mastering?

  • Mastering is the final step of audio post-production before you decide to share your song, mixtape or album with the world. Usually when a mix engineer is done, they will send the project to a mastering engineer who's job is to polish and make the track shine. Mastering engineers predominantly work with single stereo tracks whereas mixing engineers work with individual tracks.


Our Options

  • Depending on what you are after, we offer a few options to help you achieve your desired results. From individual stem mixing to full stereo track mixing and mastering, the choice is all yours and we are happy to help you with whatever option you choose.

How To Proceed

  • Once you've made up your mind and decide you want to proceed, please visit our contact page to get in touch. Prices are negotiated depending on project type and length. If the budget allows, we can go into much more detail and offer what is more akin to a full mix down service.

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What To Consider And Preparing Your Mix

  • Before you decide to send us your mix and proceed with our services please consider this.​​​

  1. ​When you send us your files please make sure you provide us as many mix notes as possible regarding production and mixing effects. ​

  2. Links to reference songs so we have an idea of your desired results.

  3. We mainly work with WAV files (44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96KHz)

  4. Files should be bounced from bar one and should all be the same length and sample rate.

  5. We ask the supply multi-track files dry, without reverb or effects unless you really like the effects are an integral part of your project.

  6. If you DAW has a normalise option when bouncing, please make sure turn this off.

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